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Located on the Banks of the Sweeping Okatie River, Nature is at the core of life within Oldfield, and it provides for completely unique experiences and discoveries daily.


Oldfield has nearly 10 miles of nature trails through maritime and hardwood forests where you can see deer, red foxes, great blue herons, egrets, woodpeckers, eagles nesting and a symphony of song birds.  Eye-catching signage throughout the system with the botanical names of trees and plants provide a great educational tool for residents and their guests to learn about our special environment.
The diverse environments create an equally diverse array of sea life and wildlife in the community. The riverside docks are a favorite gathering spot for Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins, while the salt marsh is home to vast oyster beds, crabs, stingrays and other aquatic life.  The fresh water ponds found throughout the community sustain an eco-system all their own and provide residents with a wide range of fishing experiences.



Our Nature Center located in the Outfitters Center offers an opportunity for a truly hands-on nature experience. Complete with saltwater and freshwater aquariums, visitors can interact, hold and feed some of the Center’s residents including a variety of snakes and turtles.
A new nature-based initiative, Oldfield recently became proactive in forging the growth and sustainability of pollinator bee population. Our wildflower garden is the proud home of 4 tended beehives all of which produce local honey available to Oldfield residents. Classes on the importance of bees and how honey is processed, as well as other nature education classes,  are offered to children and adults.


Audubon International has awarded Oldfield a “Neighborhood for Nature” Award in recognition of its outstanding efforts to foster environmental awareness and stewardship through the Audubon International Green Neighborhoods Program. By joining and participating in the Green Neighborhoods Program, Oldfield is involved in projects that enhance habitat for wildlife and preserve natural resources for the benefit of the local community. Oldfield has maintained that status through its continued stewardship efforts in areas including environment planning, wildlife and habitat management, chemical reduction and safety, water conservation, water quality management and education. The requirements are so stringent only 15 communities nationwide meet Audubon International’s parameters.